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Wind & Brassband

fighting trombones   / solo for 4 trbe and tuba   /   WB/BB
march to the quarry, march   /  WB/BB 
swiss melodies / trad. swiss tunes /   WB
changing home, march   / WB/BB 
concerto for trombone / trombone-solo and BB
pictures in my mind   / a concert piece for WB 
six apples in a tree,   march  / BB / WB 
my own / BB 
PWRM (paul weier's riding march) BB
dragoner - reitermarsch / BB
kleine böhmisch polka
marching fanfares, march   / BB
trombones ahead! , march / BB / WB  
rest / BB
loop machine, concert piece   / BB
mr john p's first, march   / WB
imagination 678, concert piece   / BB 
2nd Notebookstory, concert piece / BB/WB


DX 503
uli - ula
big-band corona
friday night in thun