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List of works Trombone & Brass-quintet 

If nothing is noted, then the composer is always h.-p. schiltknecht

♦=video-example ►= audio-example █ = also for brass-quintet

Diverse / Various

If nothing is noted, then the composer is always h.-p. schiltknecht

1 Trombone Posaune

Harfenmusik Music for Harpes

Elegie für Posaune und Orgel

5 Stücke für Harfe / 5 pieces for harp

Casophonia for Bass-Trombone Solo

KLavier und Orgel

3 Trombones Posaunen

Kleiner Marsch für 2 Klaviere / small march for 2 pianos

Arioso / comp: J.S.Bach

3 Stücke für 4 Hände /  3 pieces for 4 hands

Hebe deine Augen auf / comp: F.Mendelssohn 

4 little pieces for organ

Intermezzo (cavalleria rusticana) / comp: P.Mascani

diverse Besetzungen /  various casts

4 Trombones Posaunen

galopp for Jennifer Tauder / Brass-quintet 

AIDA, Ballabile, Tanz der mohrensklaven (Dance of the Moor slaves) comp: G.Verdi 

Solothurner Lied (Paraphrase) / Brass-quintet

CARMEN Melodies / comp:G.Bizet 

music for a unknown ceremony / Brass-ensemble

I feel pretty / comp: L.Bernstein 

till 65 / trpt., sax.,acc.

Lux aeterna / comp: E.Elgar 

tune for saxophone / sax., acc.

Wie bin ich doch so herzlich froh / comp: J.S.Bach

do you happen to know if someth. winked at me / 3 trpt.,3 trbe.,p., g., b., drums.

drifting Lars / alto-sax., k.-board, b., drums

4 Trombones Posaunen  & ad lib. accompaniment

eli's tune /  trpt., trbe., strings, p., g., b.

identity █

rondo for a swinging clarient / clar., piano, bass 

bossa blake █

fiona's tune / vln.-solo, e-piano, bass

charly's █

short ballade for trumpet muted / trpt., k.-board, strings

miran █

song for lyric II / alto-sax., bass-clar., e-piano, g., bass

feelings of happiness █

to my father / sop.-sax., strings, g., bass 

coolo bones █

waltz for adhama / sop.-sax., trept., p., g., b., drums., strings 

from j.s.bach to pc █

porgy and bess / 2 trbe., tuba, piano, drums. / comp: G.Gershwin

longmorn special

bourrée / trbe., orgue, / comp: J.S.Bach


rumbacello con carne /  cello-solo & acc.

morning in town █ 


polka nr. 1 █ 

my own █ 

hanslimaa go go

explanation / legende

the ballade of slow sliding

strgs - string-orchestra / streicher

cher up guys! 

g - guitar

Fiona's tune

vib - vibraphone

julie olé

keyb -key-board

rock'n trombones

rums - drumset

le retour du grand blond  / comp: V.Cosma

woods -woodwinds / holzbläser

wall street rag / comp: B.Coleman █

timp -timpani

summertime /  comp: G.Gershwin

sax - saxophone

ital. Konzert  / comp:  J.S.Bach

trpt. - trumpet

säbeltanz (sabre dance) / comp: A.Khatchaturian

trbe. - trombone

swiss melodies ( traditionel swiss tunes)  / arr: h.-p.schiltknecht